Dave Schlossberg's New CD

A Place Beyond Words CD cover

Dave is proud to present his debut solo piano album, A Place Beyond Words.

A Place Beyond Words was inspired by the beautiful melodies of Jewish liturgy. Liturgical melodies occupy a special place in the Jewish soul. Heard most often in the context of religious services, they evoke the sacredness of communal worship. In A Place Beyond Words, these beautiful songs and chants are presented in ways that both reflect and enhance their natural beauty.

Sophisticated yet accessible, relaxing yet thought-provoking, this album is full of genuine artistry. Let it take you to a place beyond words.

Dave's CD, A Place Beyond Words, was awarded a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement from the Global Music Awards, and was selected as one of the Top Five Albums of Fall 2017.

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“This is a truly a remarkable improvisation, juxtaposing contrasting styles in a way that will inspire. The music is simple enough for the average listener, and complex enough for the advanced listener. It is exhilarating and brilliant, and universally appealing.”
--Cantor Sharon Brown-Levy, Madison, WI

"Your playing is consistently lovely, warm, sensitive, never strident even when you play assertively. As a composer I admire your wonderfully inventive treatments of these tunes, always sensitive and appropriate to their meaning and mood...this is an album I know I will love listening to repeatedly. Thank you again for honoring my work with yours!"
--Michael Reid Winikoff, Minneapolis, MN

"The judges at Global Music Awards fell in love with A Place Beyond Words created by David Schlossberg. The album feels uplifting and celebratory; cherished liturgical music that can be enjoyed outside the synagogue walls. It’s good medicine for a conflicted world; bouncy and cheerful to the ear because of his unique use of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic variations. Schlossberg’s sound is rich, textured and authentic even though nouveau. We think this Silver Medal Winner reached his stated goal of helping listeners appreciate the beauty of Jewish liturgical music across religions and cultural boundaries. We recommend this album."
--Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Founder, Global Music Awards

"Congratulations to my dear friend Dave Schlossberg for his new CD! Please do yourselves a favor and check out his new album, fresh off the press, of solo piano arrangements for traditional Jewish melodies. Dave's sense of invention doesn't rest as he swings the hell out of each and every tune, with an ease of performance that makes the rest of us jealous. Get your family one for Pesach!"
--Ohad Stolarz, Berlin, Germany