"Dave arrived punctually, at my home, to provide live entertainment for a surprise 50th birthday party. He was very professional and brought a beautiful touch of sophistication and elegance to a party atmosphere.

"Piano Dave's repertoire of songs stretches from Broadway show tunes to movie classics. From Rodgers and Hammerstein to Grease, from Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong to Rod Stewart and Billy Joel. His catchy tunes bring out the secret thespian or Broadway star in each of us, rekindling memories of youth and carefree days. In his quiet and unobtrusive way, Dave brings the party to life and you just cannot stop yourself from dancing and singing along. Once you have enjoyed a party with Piano Dave, he is a must-have for future events."

"'Piano Dave' Schlossberg is one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of music, be it Broadway, pop, classical, Great American Songbook, Yiddish/Israeli/the entire gamut of Jewish music, is simply mind-boggling. He can take a simple tune and transform it into an expression from the full range of human experience. No matter what musical setting he is in, he is the heart and soul of it. When he accompanies me as a soloist, I know I have a full partner in our creation."

"The East Brunswick Public Library has had the good fortune of bringing in pianist Dave Schlossberg more than five times in the past two years. Each event was unique and wildly successful--our overflow audiences always wanted more! Dave is both a talented musician and a consummate professional. The depth and range of his piano repertoire is truly awe inspiring. Dave plays flawlessly and seemingly effortlessly. His music is both familiar and new since he gives it his unique flair. Each time he performs at the library, the crowd demands that we bring him back and we are happy to do so. Dave Schlossberg provides a musical program that entertains, feeds the soul, and reminds us all that music truly is the universal language."

Congratulations to my dear friend Dave Schlossberg for his CD! Please do yourselves a favor and check out his new album of solo piano arrangements for traditional Jewish melodies. Dave's sense of invention doesn't rest as he swings the hell out of each and every tune, with an ease of performance that makes the rest of us jealous. Get your family one!”

"I approached Dave and asked if he would help me with songs for an original children’s play I was producing and he graciously said yes, The play uses large animated puppets to tell the story of a crow who decides to leave his home and friends to travel the world. I gave Dave the script and explained the circumstance of the characters that would sing and he wrote the most creative and catchy songs. I was so fortunate to have come in contact with him and the children who attend the play will enjoy the results of his great talent."

"Dave Schlossberg is a top drawer pianist /accompanist with a unique skill set. Not only is he a schooled musician with great sight reading capabilities; Dave is an intuitive collaborator who simply "gets" it no matter the genre. Dave is a great improviser.

" David Schlossberg’s lyrical, original pieces shine with creative brilliance. He spins traditional Shabbat prayers and zemirot into imaginative, improvisatory jazz pieces for the piano. Listening to David’s music is like hearing Jewish music the way it is meant to sound; that is the magic, discipline, and authenticity of David’s craft. To hear David’s music is to love Jewish melodies with fresh, awakened ears."

- Dr. Tamara Reps Freeman
Holocaust Ethnomusicologist

"Dave is a highly gifted pianist in every possible style, an insightful artist, a sensitive and helpful colleague in every way. I write not only for the cantor-conductors who admire him, but the choral singers who love him."

“This is truly a remarkable improvisation, juxtaposing contrasting styles in a way that will inspire. The music is simple enough for the average listener and complex enough for the advanced listener. It is exhilarating and brilliant, and universally appealing.”