Personal Pianograms ($10/each)- up to 90 seconds of a short intentional piece. For example:

  • happy birthday wishes to a family or friend
  • Congratulations on a milestone
  • healing message for a sick loved one
  • Prayer snippet set to music
  • ...or anything else you can think of 


Customized outgoing voicemail message ($15/each)

  • For cell or home number 
  • As creative as you'd like
  • Makes a great gift


Personalized song request($15/each or 3 for $40)- a full-length piece of your choosing


30-minute virtual drop-in ($50 and up)- your choice of entertainment over Zoom. For example:

  • Name that tune
  • Musical interlude for a program or gathering
  • Personalized worship (tots, adults,multi-faith)

       Other Services include:

Full-length piano performances or recordings (30-60)

  • Weddings, parties, special occasions
  • Facing the Music: autobiographical presentation for teens or adults
  • Choir rehearsal tracks
  • Audition tracks and preparation
  • Transcription
  • Arranging
  • Commissioned musical pieces